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Competitive Division

2018-2019 Audition - Sunday, August 19th, 2018
2019-2020 Audition - Sunday, August 18th, 2019
2020-2021 Audition - Sunday, August 16th, 2020
2021-2022 Audition - Individual due to COVID-19
2022-2023 Audition - Sunday, September 25th, 2022
2023-2024 Audition - Sunday, September 24th, 2023

Competitive Division Auditions

Dancers wishing to compete for CLC in the current season are required to attend an audition. All choreographers are present at the audition, and it gives them an opportunity to assess the dancers, and make selections for the pieces they wish to prepare.

There is no cost to attend the audition, however successful candidates are required to attend the Competition Boot Camp (last week of August) to get a jump-start on technique and choreography for the season. Choreographer selections are final, and will be posted no later than the Wednesday following the Audition. 

Pre-Competitive Dancers attend: one (1) competition, and one (1) community performance. 

Competitive Dancers attend: four (4) competitions.

Audition Times

Junior School Audition: (Ages 6-10)                     1:30PM - 2:30PM
Intermediate School Audition: (Ages 11-14)      1:30PM - 2:30PM
Senior School Audition: (Ages 15-18)                  1:30PM - 2:30PM

Circus Apparatus Audition: (All Schools)             2:45PM - 3:45PM

1. Competitive Team – Dancers wishing to be part of the C.L.C. Competitive Division MUST attend the annual audition. Audition dates and times are listed on our web platforms, and usually take place in late August.

2. Summer Requirements – Successful applicants are expected to participate in at least one summer program, either at C.L.C. or at another dance training institution. It is recommended that the dancer partake in the Competitive Intensive Week. Failure to do so may limit the number of dances a student is selected for.

3. Choreographers - Each year's choreographers are chosen for their experience, credentials, availability, and competitive placings in previous seasons. 

4. Preparations and Competitions - We will be attending four dance competitions this season from March thru April.  Specific competitions and dates will be available no later than October 1, 2018. In preparation for competitions we will also be hosting a Competitive Dress Rehearsal, and a Competitive Mock Competition with a special guest judge!

5. Competitive Tuition Fees - Competitive Tuition fees are per dancer, per routine. They include the following:

·         Jump-start on choreography in August Intensive

·         Original choreography

·         Original costume design

·         12 weeks of 30-45 minute rehearsals

·         2 weeks of “Outside Eye” cleaning and coaching

·         Open Studio – free rehearsal days

·         1-2 Run-Through Days

·         1 in-studio dress rehearsal

·         1 Mock Competition with guest judge​

.          Costumes, props or accessories

.          Competition entry fees


Competition Tuition Fees DO NOT include:

·         Required dancewear, shoes or tights

·         Travel and accommodation

.         Class tuitions

6. Absence and Makeups – Especially in the case of pieces with multiple dancers (duets, trios and groups), attendance is of the utmost importance. Should a dancer miss a scheduled rehearsal, without notice or an Excused Absence (family, funeral, school, baptism, wedding, etc)  a mandatory makeup lesson is required. There is a $25.00 charge for each Make-Up Lesson. If your child misses more than four rehearsals throughout the year, without a legitimate reason, we will have to review their potential to continue as part of the team.

7. Competition Team Requirements – Commitment, Responsibility and Teamwork are the three pillars of a successful dance group. In order to foster these in our dancers, the following are required:

·           Successful audition.

·           Participation in at least ONE summer dance program (Intensive Week                    recommended)

·           Studio Wear to be worn over costume during competitions

·           1 group number required for each solo or duet

·            No Solos for first-year Junior School competitors

·            Mandatory attendance at Comp Sundays (or required Make-Up Lesson)

·            Be enrolled, and have 80% attendance in, weekly ballet lesson(s). (1x 

             per week for Junior School, 2x per week for Intermediate and Senior


·            80% attendance at FlexTech class (Sundays) or required Make-Up Lesson

·            Respect and uphold the standards and values of sportsmanship and


8. Contracts - Successful Audition candidates and their parents/guardians are asked to sign and uphold a Competitive Expectations form.

8. Choreography Fees - Competitive Choreography fees are outlined in our Policies and Procedures document. Fees can be paid in full at the beginning of the dance Season (10% discount), in 2 Term Installments (5% discount), or in 4 Installments. Fees include: Choreography, Music Editing, Rehearsal, Mock Competition, Competition Fees, and Costume.


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