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All studio information is posted in the lobby, emailed home, and also on our website. It is your responsibility to stay updated with deadlines and all other information. More detailed information is available under the "Members" tab in our Handbooks. 

Class Placement

All students are placed into a class level based on age and ability. Previous dance experience does not determine level placement. If the instructor and director feel that a student is incorrectly placed, he or she will be notified and moved to the correct level. Any outstanding accounts from previous years, must be paid prior to acceptance of registration for this season. Any account more than 3 months passed due will be sent to collections. CLC reserves the right to refuse service. 

CLC offer FREE WEEK during the second week of September as a "try us on". All classes are $10.00, and dancers are welcome to partake in as many classes (at their level) as they wish. This will also serve as a opportunity for teachers to assess placement. 


Please call or email the studio if your child is going to be absent. Strong attendance is a very big part of teamwork. We encourage the student to sit and watch class if an illness is non-contagious. Refunds are not available for missed classes.Being on time for class teaches children responsibility and shows respect for classmates and teachers. Students arriving more than 15 minutes late to class will not be permitted to join. This absence is not subject to any credits or make up classes. If a class is cancelled more than twice due to a snow day, we will schedule a make-up class. During Recital Week at the end of June. We DO NOT automatically cancel classes if schools cancel in the morning, and we may have to cancel when school has been in session the full day. If classes are canceled, dancers may make up the class in another class at a similar level.  A list of suitable make-up times for each class will be posted with each cancellation notice.

Classroom Behavior

Proper classroom etiquette is expected during all dance classes. Please arrive 10-15 minutes early to your scheduled time so as not to disrupt the class, and to take full advantage of warming up.

  • No cell phones allowed in dance studios.

  • No food or drink allowed in dance rooms, water only. No gum chewing allowed.

  • No loose jewelry including necklaces, bracelets, rings, and dangling earrings. Studs are okay.

  • Socializing is to take place in the waiting area, so please respect your teacher and fellow dancers during class time.

  • Always thank your teacher at the end of class!

  • Behaviour guidelines apply to all patrons within the building, including parents and guests. Negative comments, bullying, swearing or excessive use of volume is grounds for removal and dismissal. 

Dress Code

Proper dress code is required for the instructor to see and correct proper body alignment and to prevent injury.

  • No street shoes allowed.

  • No jeans or hats allowed.

  • No baggy clothes are allowed such as T-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, etc, with the exception of Hip Hop classes.

  • Correct dance attire for females includes leotard, tights, ballet skirts, fitted shorts or capris, and proper shoes at all times. Our uniform is in accordance with all of our governing bodies. Please read the "UNIFORM" page under "Members" or see the office for fittings, purchases and orders. 

  • Hair must be pulled back off of face. A bun is required for all ballet classes. 

  • Please note: Teachers reserve the right to excuse a student from class for inappropriate attire or to re-secure their hair. Please make sure your dancer is dressed properly each week. 

Parent Observation

Classes can be viewed through the observation windows at the teacher's discretion.  As observers may distract a class, it is up to each teacher to open or close the curtails. Parent Appreciation week will happen twice a year, when the parents can come into the dance room for the class and see what their children have been working so hard towards! Watch weeks will happen in November and March.

Class Cancellations

It is the parents/dancers responsibility to check email, social media or website on days that the public schools are closed.  On those days school is cancelled due to weather, dance class will not be cancelled unless road conditions remain unsafe.


If dance is cancelled for any other reason (holidays, teacher illness, etc.), you will be notified by our Dance Season Calendar, by newsletter or by email. When Norfolk County public schools are closed due to bad weather, Crystal Lake Conservatory may also be closed. However, there are exceptions to this rule, such as roads being cleared by class time. As schools often cancel in the early morning prior to the plows, and CLC classes do not begin until 3pm when plows have likely passed, any and all cancellations or combinations will be announced through email, social media, and on the BAND app.


Dancers whose classes are cancelled in the event of a "snow day" are invited and encouraged to come to a different class of the same style. Taking class with different levels (above or below) is a very useful tool for revisiting the basics, and for challenging oneself. Absences due to weather closings may be made up by attending another class in the student’s similar level within two weeks of the

weather closing. Class direction will be sent with the cancellation notice.


If a class is cancelled more than twice due to a snow day, a make-up class will be scheduled  during Recital Week in June. As the Make-Up Week approaches, your child will receive a schedule for the classes that require make up during that week. Changes in class times throughout the dance season rarely occur, however, CLC reserves the right to combine, cancel or change class times due to enrollment, weather, or teacher illness. There will be no makeup classes allowed after April 1 due to recital preparation. Any cancellations due to weather after April 1 will be made up during Recital Week. 

Right to Cancel and Withdrawals

Crystal Lake Conservatory reserves the right to cancel a class due to low enrollment (4 dancers or less). In this event, another class will be suggested. If you are unable to continue in the new class and withdraw, any unused tuition will be refunded. Any late registrations/start dates may be pro-rated to the beginning of the registration month. Withdrawal from any class at Crystal Lake Conservatory must be in writing and given to director, and there will be no refunds for remaining weeks after January 1st.


Costumes are a set rate based on age. Please see our Pricing page. The balance of each costume includes shipping, duties, processing, alterations and accessories. Children will be measured in January for costume orders. Failure to pay costume fees will result in delayed ordering of your child's costume and $25 shipping and handling late fee will be charged to your account. If your account balance is not paid up to date with tuition or any other associated dance fees, your child will not be allowed to take home costumes. Costume Fees are non-refundable.


The Recital is our annual performance held in June of each year. This is truly a joyful experience for all dancers to showcase their work and dedication throughout the year. All classes in Performance, Conservatory, Competitive and Pre-Professional Divisions will perform. Training Division classes are eligible to perform in Finale only. Dress Rehearsal is mandatory for all dancers participating in show.  Absence from Dress Rehearsal will prohibit the dancer to perform in Recital. There will be at least two shows. Tickets go on sale in after Easter, and are purchased online. 


By registering and enrolling online, I fully understand that Crystal Lake Conservatory and its staff cannot and will not be held responsible for any injuries that may occur while attending or participating in any studio activities including classes, rehearsals, recitals, & birthday parties. Crystal Lake Conservatory and its staff are not responsible for lost or stolen items including personal belongings, dance shoes, costumes, accessories, etc. I give CLC permission to use dance photos or videos of my child for internet & social media publicity or advertising purposes. I also understand that I am responsible for tuition payments and account balances. I have read the above policy statements and waiver of liability and hereby agree to comply with them.

Waivers must be read, approved and adhered to in order to access the Jackrabbit Enrollment Systems. 

Lost and Found

Crystal Lake Conservatory is not responsible for stolen, misplaced or lost items.  We do keep a lost & found box in the hall.  At the end of each session, it will be cleared and all items will be donated to charity.

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